Learning summary: Change Management and Networking

Change Management:Military guy’s framework
1, Shock/Denial
2, Revolt/Anger
3, Negotiation/Communication
4, Self Review
5, Accept/ or go back to stage 1 to 4.

Oracle Salesman
Company changes/moves constantly
As a local guy, do not question strategy/vision, none of your business
Focus on execution and delivery

1, keep the weak links as they give the most results
2, help others to make yourself important
3, Ask for help. Share your problem with others (define your problem first/ as concrete as possible)
4, Opening: Listen, Linger, Launch. Be honest " I do not know anyone, can you introduce me to others?"
5, Emphasize your name so people can remember.
6, Exiting: Get out before you spoil it. Be direct " It’s nice talking to you. I’ll certainly do…. BTW, my name is. your name is. talk to you later."
7, Remember to follow up: Hook/reminder, use what your learnt, ask what you want.

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